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Recent News...
  • Two new Neurophotonics papers
  • Launching
  • MCX'19 training workshp
  • New release: MCX/MMC/MCXCL
  • New JBO paper on DMMC
  • New Neurophotonics paper on Photomodulation
  • New JBO paper on MC filtering
  • Fanglab won a new NIH R01 grant for next-gen fNIRS
  • MCX OSA'18 Training Workshop
  • Brain atlas sensitivity
  • Tibia bone with structure illumination
  • Digimouse photon simulations
  • Head-neck sensitivity

The mission of the Computational Optics & Translational Imaging (COTI) Lab is to develop innovative optical imaging techniques and computational methods that can help diagnose and fight diseases, and ultimately improve the health and well-being of all. The COTI lab is founded and directed by Professor Qianqian Fang.

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