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COTI Lab Publications

1.1. Journal Articles
1.2. Computer-science conference papers
1.3. Conference papers
1.4. Thesis
1.5. Magazine article
1.6. Book chapters

1.1. Journal Articles


  • Dumont, AP, Fang, Q, Patil, CA. A computationally efficient Monte-Carlo model for biomedical Raman spectroscopy. J. Biophotonics. 2021; 14:e202000377.







before 2015

1.2. Computer-science conference papers

  • Yu L, Gong X, Sun Y, Fang Q, Rubin N and Kaeli D, "Moka: Model-based Concurrent Kernel Analysis", IEEE International Symposium on Workload Characterization, 2017.
  • Paravecino F, Yu L, Kaeli D, Fang Q*, “Portable performance for Monte Carlo simulations of photon migration in 3D turbid media for single and multiple GPUs”, GTC2016, Paper#S6635, 2016, CA

1.3. Conference papers

  • Vanegas M, Sun X, Fang Q, "Towards a fiberless, modular, and wearable full-head fNIRS system with built-in 3D self-calibrating orientation sensor network," fNIRS Conference 2018, Tokyo, Japan
  • Yuan Y, Yu L, and Fang Q*, “Denoising in Monte Carlo Photon Transport Simulation Using GPU-accelerated Adaptive Non-Local Mean Filter,” OSA BIOMED 2018, Paper#JTh3A.41, FL
  • Yu L, Nina-Paravecino F, Kaeli D, Fang Q*, “Fast Monte Carlo Photon Transport Simulations for Heterogeneous Computing Systems,” OSA BIOMED 2018, Paper#2912790, FL
  • Vanegas M, Zimmerman B, Sahin S, Carp S, Fang Q*, “A Mobile Phone Based Reflectance Pulse Oximeter,” OSA BIOMED 2018, Paper#JTu3A.64, FL
  • Vanegas M, Carp S, Fang Q*, “Mobile Phone Camera Based Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Measurements,” OSA BIOMED 2018, Paper#JTu3A.64, FL
  • Yan S, Tran AP, Fang Q*, “A Dual-Mesh Monte Carlo Algorithm Using a Coarse Tetrahedral Mesh and Voxel Output”, OSA BIOMED 2018, Paper# JTh3A.17, FL
  • Tran AP, Fang Q*, “Generating High Quality Tetrahedral Meshes of the Human Head and Applications in fNIRS,” OSA BIOMED 2018, Paper#JTu3A.52, FL
  • Ruoyang Y, Intes X, Fang Q*, “Efficient Jacobian Construction for Hyperspectral Wide-field Diffuse Optical Tomography via Replay Monte Carlo,” OSA BIOMED 2018, Paper#JTu3A.30, FL
  • Xu E, Fang Q*, “Optical Tomography Reconstruction to Recover Small Oriented Inclusions from Optically-Thick Diffusive Media”, OSA BIOMED 2018, Paper#JTu3A.67, FL
  • Sahin S†, Sun X†, Vanegas M, Tran AP, Fang Q*, “Developing an Anatomically Accurate Multi-layered Optical Brain Phantom for fNIRS Studies”, OSA BIOMED 2018, Paper#JW3A.70, FL
  • Deng B, Fang Q, Boas DA, Carp S*, “Impact of Experimental Parameter Errors on Reconstructed Breast Images Using Diffuse Optical Tomography,” OSA BIOMED 2016, Paper#2455560, FL
  • Inacio D, Deng B, Kopans D, Boas D, Fang Q*, (2016) “Automatically finding tumors using structural-prior guided optical tomography,” OSA BIOMED 2016, Paper#2468528, FL
  • Yao R, Intes X, Fang Q*, "Enabling wide-field illumination and detection in mesh-based Monte Carlo simulations ," OSA BIOMED 2016, Paper#2459052, FL
  • Deng B, Brooks, DH, Boas DA, Lundqvist M, Fang Q* “Characterization of Breast Lesions Using Structural Prior Guided Optical Tomography on the Realistic Breast Model – DigiBreast,” OSA BIOMED 2016, Paper#2458069, FL
  • Fang Q, “Quantitative diffuse optical tomography using a mobile phone camera and automatic 3D photo stitching,” OSA Biomedical Optics (BIOMED) conference, Apr. 2012.
  • Fang Q, Carp SA, Martino M, Moore RH, Kopans DB, and Boas DA, “Joint image reconstruction for breast tumor diagnosis using both structural and functional information,” OSA Biomedical Optics (BIOMED) conference, Apr. 2012.
  • Fang Q and Boas D, “GPU accelerated Monte Carlo simulation for 3D photon migration”, OSA Biomedical Optics (BIOMED) conference, Apr. 2010.
  • Fang Q, Carp SA, Moore RH, Kopans DB, Boas DA, “Imaging Benign and Malignant Breast Lesions with Combined Optical Imaging and Tomosynthesis,” OSA Biomedical Optics (BIOMED) conference (invited), Apr. 2010.
  • Fang Q and Boas D, “Tetrahedral mesh generation from volumetric binary and gray-scale images”, IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI’09), 1142-1145, 2009.
  • Zhu G, Popovic M, Fang Q, “Microwave-Induced Thermoacoustics: Assisting Microwave Tomography,” 13th Biennial IEEE Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computation, OB2-1, Athens, May 2008
  • Fang Q, Carp SA, Selb J, Moore RH, Kopans DB, Miller EL, Brooks DH, Boas DA, "A multi-modality image reconstruction platform for diffuse optical tomography," OSA Biomedical Optics (BIOMED) conference, 2008.
  • Fang Q, Carp SA, Selb J, Moore RH, Kopans DB, Miller EL, Brooks DH, Boas DA, "Spectrally Constrained Optical Breast Imaging with Co-registered X-Ray Tomosynthesis," OSA Biomedical Optics (BIOMED) conference, 2008.
  • Fang Q, Meaney PM, Paulsen KD, “Phase unwrapping in the presence of scattering nulls and applications to microwave imaging,” Proceeding (425) Antennas, Radar, and Wave Propagation, Jul. 2004

1.4. Thesis

1.5. Magazine article

  • Fang Q, "Multi-modality breast imaging combining structure and function in breast cancer diagnosis", Diagnostic Imaging Europe, Vol. 27 No. 7, 13-16, 2011.

1.6. Book chapters

  • Nina-Paravecino F., Yu L, Fang Q, and Kaeli D, “High-performance Monte Carlo Simulations for Photon Migration and Applications in Optical Brain Functional Imaging”, Handbook on Smart Healthcare, Springer (in press)
  • Carp S, Fang Q, “Diffuse optical medical imaging,” in “Pathobiology of Human Disease (PHD),” Elsevier, 2013
  • Venugopal V, Fang Q and Intes X, “Chapter 2. Multimodal Diffuse Optical Imaging”, in "Biophotonics for medical applications", Woodhead Publishing, 2012
  • Fang Q, Carp S, Selb J, Boas D, “Chapter 9. Optical Imaging and X-ray Imaging”, Translational multimodality Optical Imaging, Azar FS, Intes X (Eds.), Artech House, Norwood, 2008
  • Meaney PM, Fang Q, “Chapter 7. Microwave imaging: A model-based approach”, Alternative Breast Imaging-Four Model-Based Approaches, Paulsen KD, Meaney PM, Gilman L(Eds.), Kluwer, 2004.
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