Computational Optics & Translational Imaging Lab


COTI lab's interests generally lie in innovations in translational medical imaging devices to better diagnose cancers, low-cost point-of-care diagnostic tools to delivery life-saving medicines to the resource-poor regions, and high performance computing tools to facilitate the development of the next-generation imaging methods. For details on current projects, click on a lab's research area below.

Translational Cancer Imaging

Now in our third generation, this research focuses on the development of our semi-portable optical instrumentation system.

GPU Based Photon Transport Models

GPU accelerated, monte-carlo based photon propagation modeling.

Point-of-Care Devices

Funding from USAID allows us to design and fabricate a set of portable, low-cost mobile devices attempt to bring care to low-resource areas.

Multi-Modal Image Reconstruction

This NIH funded research attempts to combine optical and x-ray breast imaging for more accurate cancer detection.

Image-based 3D Mesh Generation

To support our computation imaging methods, we've developed software to generate 3D meshes from volumetric medical images.