Computational Optics & Translational Imaging Lab

COTI produces many of its own in-house software tools for researchers all over the world to use. We also generate repositories of images, models, and parameters that other can use in their research. All of our tools are provided freely to encourage researchers to not reinvent the wheel, but rather contribute to already existing work.


Monte Carlo eXtreme

Time-resolved photon transport simulations in 3D heterogeneous turbid media.

Mesh-Based Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo (MC) solver for photon migration in 3D turbid media.

MCX for OpenCL

OpenCL version of MCX.

Iso2Mesh Toolbox

Free matlab/octave-based mesh generation and processing toolbox.

JSONlab Toolbox

Open-source implementation of a JSON/UBJSON encoder and a decoder in the native MATLAB language.

Atlases and Repositories