Computational Optics & Translational Imaging Lab

MCX - OpenCL Edition (MCXCL)

Download here

This software can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. MCX is written in CUDA and can be used with NVIDIA hardware with the native NVIDIA drivers, or used with the open-source GPU Ocelot libraries for CPUs and AMD GPUs. An OpenCL implementation of MCX, i.e. MCXCL, was announced on July, 2012. It supports NVIDIA/AMD/Intel hardware out-of-box.

For MCXCL, requirements for using this software are

  • a single/multi-core CPU, or
  • a CUDA capable nVidia graphics card, or
  • a AMD/ATI graphics card, or
  • pre-installed graphics driver and a valid OpenCL library (libOpenCL.* or OpenCL.dll)