Computational Optics & Translational Imaging Lab

Colin27 Adult Brain Atlas

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Colin27 adult brain atlas (Collins1998) FEM mesh Version 2 was created by Qianqian Fang using iso2mesh (Fang2009a) version 1.0.0pre. The gray/white matter surfaces were created by Katherine Perdue with FreeSurfer V5. The mesh data were saved in matlab/octave .mat format.

Two meshes are provided for the brain atlas: a low-resolution mesh and a high-resolution mesh. The low-resolution mesh, (2L), has 70226 nodes, 423375 tetrahedral elements and 119554 triangular surface elements (6916 for scalp surface, 12780 for CSF surface including ventricles, 61026 for pial (gray-matter) surface and 38832 for white-matter surface). The high-resolution mesh will be announced soon.